Lessons and Licence – Inching Closer to a Dream

It has been quite a while since I last posted on this blog, however my dreams are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.  Today I booked my motorcycle safety course with the guys over at ProRide Motorcycle Training .  I will be doing a 6 day course in March of 2017, 2 days of in class safety lessons, followed by 2 days of parking lot riding, at the end of which I will take the motorcycle skills test to remove a few restrictions, and then to complete the course there will be 2 days of street riding in traffic.  I am extremely excited to take this course and finally learn how to ride a motorcycle.

In order to take this course I have to get my motorcycle learners licence 30 days prior to the start of the course.  I have been studying the book and am hoping to take my knowledge test in the next couple weeks, even though i have until mid February, at the latest, to take it.  Hopefully I pass on my first try like I did with my car learners licence knowledge test!

I did end up finding a great deal on a 2008 KLR65o on craigslist the other day, I really wanted to buy it, however due to an agreement with my parents I wont be able to get it.  Although who knows, maybe it will still be there once it comes time for me to get a bike.  If not, i’m sure another deal will pop up eventually, even though around now in the off season is usually the best time to buy.

I will be sure to keep this blog updated as I get my licence and complete the safety course, maybe even post a review of it.  Feels good to post on this blog again, it means progression is happening!

Finally got over to ICBC today to take my motorcycle knowledge test and good news, I passed!  Feels great to have finally accomplished this and moved a step closer to my dream.  Next is of course taking the course and buying the bike, can’t wait for the day that both of those come…


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