I Did It! – One Step Closer

I’ve done it!  A few days ago I successfully completed my Motorcycle Safety Course/Lessons and it’s safe to say that I’m in love with riding…  I honestly had so much fun taking this course, the in class lessons were kind of boring as you would probably guess but I did learn some stuff.  The actual riding days on the other hand were so much fun!  Started off with 2 parking lot lessons for which most of it I was riding a Suzuki DL200(I believe), also tried out the Honda Grom which was pretty fun.

Each day in the parking lot was around 6 hours long so had lots of time to learn everything.  In the beginning of the first day I just couldn’t stop stalling the bike for the life of me, every time I stopped and tried to get going again I would stall.  Eventually after a few hours I started to get the hang of it, dropped the bike once from hitting the front break in a slow turn which they specifically told us not to do…  The first day involved a lot of slow speed stuff and then some fast speed stuff towards the end of the day.  Day 2 was a lot of reviewing and practicing stuff from the first day and going more into depth about counter steering and stuff like that.  At the end of the second day everyone did their motorcycle skills test.

The MST had a slow speed portion and a fast speed portion, the fast speed portion I had no problem with but the slow speed portion on the other hand, my U-Turns were half decent at most…  The good thing is we were able to practice the test on our own before actually taking it which was nice which was really helpful.  I thought I was ready for the actual test, I was doing everything pretty much perfectly so I went and lined up to take it!  I absolutely failed it, completely bombed it…  I’m pretty sure it was just nerves but I just kept stalling the bike, my U-Turns were all too wide and I just couldn’t do it.  Lucky for me they let me take it again after doing some more practice and I pretty much aced it!  The only demerits I got were for knocking over a cone and doing an unstable turn so all and all it went well! They tell you to sing to yourself to relax and let me say, it actually works…

On the last 2 days of the course we went on road rides, if I hadn’t passed my MST I wouldn’t have been able to go on them and that would have sucked…  The first rode ride I rode the same Suzuki bike that I was on for the parking lot and I had a lot of fun!  The weather was pretty good and the ride was nice, rode out to Deep Cove and got up to 60km/hr at times.  Let me just say, that dual sport seat gets uncomfortable after a while…  Other then that I had so much fun, got to ride in the dark for the first time!  The second road ride was even more fun despite the weather, it was poring rain for half the time.  We did a nice long ride out to Horseshoe Bay along the coast which was nice, although a lot of 30km/hr spots.  For that ride I was on a Honda CBR250, that thing was fun although I could never see myself riding a sports bike in the long term, not a big fan of the seating position.  On the way bake we rode the highway and I got to say, it was kind of sketchy.  Poring rain, in the dark going 90km/hr, I could barely see the lines of the road…  I had so much fun either way though, I really enjoyed the ride, even in the rain!

I am now completely in love with riding and can not wait until I can get my bike!  I have a few used ones that I’m looking at that I really hope are still available in a few weeks.  I have thought about maybe going with an older KLR instead of a gen 2 but I think I’m stuck with the gen 2.  I have seen some really good deals on gen 1 KLRs but most of them look like they could use some work which is kind of to be expected, probably a new paint job is one of the things I would do along with replacing the suspension as apparently its not fantastic on the gen 1 KLRs.  Check out the video here that was put together of our group.  Check out ProRide here!

Here are some pictures from the course!


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