This post is a little bit late, about a week late to be exact but that’s ok…  I am so excited to say that I have finally saved up enough money and bought myself a brand new – to me of coarse – 2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 with around 38700km on it.  I am so happy that I can now call myself a KLR owner and tell people that I own a motorcycle.  The bike is red, as you can see in the pictures below, and I absolutely love it!  I am sad to say that I dropped it twice on the day I picked it up, the first time about 10 minutes after getting it…  But it’s a dual sport, its gonna get thrown around on trails and dropped!  I really must get some crash bars on it though…  When I got the bike I was only able to put temporary insurance for 3 days on it because of money, but just in those few days I rode for probably 12 hours and I did about 200km.  I had to work one of the days so was only able to ride about 2 hours that day and the day I picked it up as well as the only free day I had I was only able to ride for about half the day.  In that riding I rode up a local mountain and rode out to a beach right before sunset.

I have had a couple little adventurous problems with the bike that were both kind of my fault.  The first one when I was out for a ride, I was in second or third gear and all of a sudden the bike made some noises and stalled, even worse, it was up hill.  This was completely my fault, I was pulling into a parking lot and had the RPMs way too low so it stalled!..  The second little adventure I was going around 80 km/hr in fourth gear on the highway and I ran out of gas!  I didn’t know this at the time because I swear I still had plenty of gas when I last checked…  So no problem I pull over to the side of the highway going what the hell is wrong with the bike now and I look in the tank and still see gas but it wont turn over.  I decide to switch it to reserve and it starts up fine and I head to the gas station.  Lesson learned, just because there is gas in the tank doesn’t mean all of it can or will be used!!!  I am having so much fun with this bike and cant wait until  I can ride it more and start to add things to make it a full on adventure bike and make it my own.  Check out some nice pictures of the bike below!!






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